Dear Anna, Thank you for all the hard work you put into selling my coop. You were much more than an agent, you were also in charge of renovation and decor. I could not have done this without your unwavering support. It was not always easy but you stuck with me to the end. You actually succeeded in selling my apartment twice. I will forever be indebted to you for all you have done to close on my apartment. Best, Diana


We appreciated Anna's keen market insight, exemplary service and expeditious results during the purchase of our home in Forest Hills Gardens.  Anna's calm demeanor, personal attention, and hands-on guidance made us feel so comfortable through every step of the way. We enjoyed Anna's friendly personality and genuine caring and hard work she brought to her work, and to our real estate journey. What started out as a business relationship ended up as a great friendship!  We highly recommend Anna.

Holly & Robert T. - Forest Hills Gardens


We would like to take this time to thank you so much for your courtesy and Professionalism in helping us attain the house of our dreams.  You created such a comfortable, positive, and enriching atmosphere in what normally could be quite a stressful hurdle.  We thank you again and look forward to seeing you in the neighborhood.

Galina S. - Forest Hills


Anna is available 24/7 on her cell at 917-515-4704.

Victor K. - Forest Hills


Just a quick note to say thank you for your assistance in purchasing our new home.  We thought you worked very hard to ensure that the transaction completed smoothly and that you cared for both the seller and buyer.  You also made yourself available to resolve questions and problems at anytime.

Paul & Silvana B. - Forest Hills


Anna was always professional, friendly, and radiated a sense of control and authority.  These are the qualities I liked about her most.  Anna always kept me apprised of what was happening in the process. I always felt taken care of, and totally trusted her.  Anna is a skilled negotiator who will secure the finest home for your needs or the best price for your property.  You can totally trust Anna.

Anna L. - Forest Hills Gardens


Anna, Thank you so much for all you did to make this possible.  We are so excited for our new home and we know this wasn't easy!  Thanks Again,

Jessica & David S. - Forest Hills Gardens


Anna’s enthusiastic attitudes enable us to pick her as our selling broker.

Mr. Z. - Forest Hills


Anna sealed the deal in less than one week.  I would recommend her to anyone.

Mr. K. - Forest Hills Gardens


Anna is diplomatic and easy going in her approach, yet driven and persistent when it comes to getting her clientele what they want.  She never gives up.  She devotes her complete efforts to finding just what someone is looking for in a home, and to exposing a seller’s property to the most suitable buyer audience.

John R. - Forest Hills


Anna Pinto not only spearheaded and successfully sold our property in Forest Hills once, but also accomplished a second selling of the property as part of a ‘Relocation Package’ which resulted in a phenomenal profit base.  Her tenacity, vivaciousness, and friendliness are all characteristics, which embody her successive creed.  Anna not only took the sale through its real estate life cycle steps, but also was compassionate and understanding throughout the process with both the seller, as well as, any of the potential buyers who were involved in our sales transaction. I Believe Anna’s dedication, diligence, detail-oriented, and follow-through approach in all her sales duties will continue to enable her to succeed in achieving every principal’s dreams and goals. Based on our dealings and conversations with Anna, we feel strongly about her character and presence in the Forest Hills community and would highly recommend her professional services to any homeowner.  Working with Anna was a pleasure and a success, and her services most certainly exceeded our expectations.

Paul & Silvana B. - Forest Hills


It is with great pleasure that I take this opportunity to write about Anna Pinto.  I was introduced to Anna by my neighbors Mike and Pat Velez who contracted her as their exclusive agent in the selling of their home.  She came highly recommended and later I understood exactly why when I followed suit.  Anna was highly instrumental in the selling of my home and obtaining a selling price, which I was satisfied with.  In all my professional years, I have never encountered someone so dedicated, thorough, responsible and forth right.  Without Anna this experience would not have been the stress-free, non-problematic event that it was.  In the future, should someone I know need the services of a realtor there would be no one else I would recommend with great confidence then, Anna Pinto.  Anna Pinto is a great asset to your agency!

Lusin A. - Forest Hills


Anna Pinto has been a dear friend for several years.  As my friend, she is a warm, compassionate and honest person.  As my real estate broker, she is extremely hardworking, honest, forthright and tenacious.  She follows up on every lead, discusses every possibility and leaves nothing to chance.  Anna does her job well and I can understand why she is a top broker.

Joy R. - Forest Hills Gardens


We are happy to recommend Anna Pinto as an energetic, dedicated, and knowledgeable realtor who will go above and beyond to make sure your home gets sold. With Anna's help, we ultimately completed a sale at a price we were happy with and in the timeline we wanted.  Anna is also completely committed.  She was available for us any time we needed her, she was always friendly and polite and effective with potential buyers.  She worked long hours to make follow-up contact with everyone who set foot in our home to look at it.  And along the way, she also became a trusted friend.  We cannot recommend Anna more highly.   Please feel free to contact us at our new home if you have any questions we can answer about our experience with Anna.

Jennifer J. M. & Beatrice D. - Forest Hills


To Whom It May Concern: I am writing to express my complete satisfaction working with Anna Pinto as our real estate agent for the sale of our home in Forest Hills Gardens.  Anna took on the sale of our 4-bedroom house in a very challenging market, yet was able to achieve a good sales price ($1.39 million) within a reasonable timeframe.  Throughout the entire process, Anna was professional, conscientious, and motivated.  She continued to diligently follow up during the closing process as we had already moved overseas and were not available locally ourselves.  I felt Anna went above and beyond the call of duty – she really put everything into getting our house sold.  And she is just a genuinely nice and friendly person. We were very pleased to work with her and found it to be quite a contrast with other agents that we spoke with.  We had no regrets about signing with Anna to sell our house.  I would be delighted to answer any specific questions regarding our experience working with Anna Pinto.  Sincerely,

Wendy C.H. A. - Forest Hills Gardens


To Whom It May Concern: We initially put our house up for sale with another agent back in January 2007.  The house did not sell and in July 2007 when that contract expired we decided to try again, exclusively, with Anna Pinto.  Anna came HIGHLY recommended so we knew we were in good hands! Thanks to Anna, we soon had a qualified buyer ready, able and willing to buy our house.  What should have been a straightforward, simple sale was anything but.  In the end, through all the hassle, we got our price!  We were thrilled; we would finally be able to start planning our move to Texas!  Very Truly Yours, 

Jennifer K. - Forest Hills


We were extremely satisfied with using Anna Pinto Realty to sell our co-op. The apartment had no furniture, and Anna "computer staged" it beautifully which we feel made it sell fast. We had an offer at the first open house. We would definitely use her again for our real estate needs.

Lisa & Joe Patti - Forest Hills


It is a fairy tale happy ending what started out as a coop-selling nightmare. Anna Pinto Realty not only sold both our coops in a timely manner but also managed to sell us our new home as well. Anna was everything you�d want in a real estate broker. She is diligent, hard working, smart, and a trustworthy professional. Sincerely Yours, Fanny K. - Brooklyn